Fear of Failure

Humans are interesting creatures, we are more capable, have more potential than any other living thing on this planet. We have built grand civilizations, created magnificent infrastructure, and technology continues to grow at a rapid pace. Yet we have this thing that prevents us, that acts as a barrier to success. This thing is called fear. Failure is looked upon as a bad thing, it has been drilled into our heads from when we were young. Failures work at McDonalds for a living, failures don’t do well in school, failures do not do well in life. Don’t be a failure. There is no such thing as failure, only learning experiences. We cannot taken into account the context or reasoning for a person to be in a particular situation, to have acted in a certain way. The only thing we can control is what we ourselves do. In the grand scheme of things most failure are miniscule. At this point in life, in university you can fail at a whole lot of things and there won’t be serious consequences. Fail at getting a good grade? Study harder, go to office hours, create a study group. Do not have a good social life? Join clubs, talk to people, experience life. We fear to fail, and our fear causes us to fail from the beginning. Inaction feeds fear.

Maybe you fear failure because of the judgement you receive. Where does this perceived judgement arise from? From your own judgement of people in similar circumstances. You see someone fail, you blame it on intrinsic characteristics, you think they’re “dumb”, or not “hard-working” enough. So naturally when you fail or think about failing you think people will think the same about you. And I’m gonna tell you the truth they will. But only for a split second, then there off worrying about themselves again. And if you have truly tried and failed, then now you know what it takes to succeed and you adjust accordingly. But shit stop being a horrible person and judging other people and maybe they will do the same. On the contrary if you refused to take action you stay in the same spot not being productive. So there’s two options, one do not take action, you fail regardless. Two you do take action, most of the time you will fail, but slowly you will get better, slowly the successes will increase. What do humans want in this life, to be successful in the ventures that they pursue. So I am looking at these two options and there is one clear winner.

Fear will always be there, anxiety, nervousness. You have to learn to deal with it and proceed regardless of how you feel. You will become stronger as a result, you will get to experience the richness of a life truly lived. So I encourage you to take action no matter how small. You want to do something that everyone thinks is crazy, go do it and see for yourself. Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you can’t do. Fear is something that only exists in your mind. I challenge you to tackle a fear, or try something new, you don’t have to save the world, or build more. Fuck it, if you can say hi to that cute guy or girl, if you can go rock climbing, if you just go to the gym once a week, if you fear heights and go on a roller coaster, if you want to go figure skating but you’re a guy, if you want to start your own business at the age of 20, if you want to make the NBA as a girl, if you think you can jump higher than me. By all means go do it, go fucking do it, stop fucking reading this shit and go fucking do it. Just do it. Thank me later. Anything. It’s on you, I can inspire you, I can motivate, other people can do it too, but at the end of the day. It’s on you, you are the one partaking in an action, you are the one suffering the consequences, bearing the rewards, living the moment.

“Inaction takes away the essence of life, life is about action, and purposeful action leads to happiness and fulfillment”

– Jason Lin

-Kobe Bryant

– Wayne Gretzky

– Michael Scott