30 Day Challenge: Cold Showers

You’re standing there.. Thinking about whether you should go in or not. Your heart’s racing. You plunge in, your body screams in agony for 5 seconds. Your mind immediately becomes alert. Shell shock. 10 seconds feels like an eternity. You don’t know how you’re going to survive until 5 minutes. 1 minute passes by and every muscle and fibre in your body is telling you to get out. 3 minutes goes by and it’s not so bad anymore. 4 minutes, home stretch – come on now. 5 minutes, you’re free. You step out and you feel like a beast, no one can stop you. That’s what a cold shower feels like.

When you look at it from a historical standpoint. Warm showers have only been a more recent trend due to advances in technology. People use to bathe in streams, rivers and ponds.  The water was definitely not the same temperature that you use to shower daily now. Imagine a world without hot water, some of you wouldn’t last a week.

I remember when I first started Cold showers back in 2014. Those were some crazy times, I was in the midst of just starting my self-improvement journey. Looking back at the time seems so long ago, the person I was compared to the person I am now. But hey, we all have to start somewhere. Cold showers are not enjoyable, over time they might become enjoyable to some, but it’s definitely an unpleasant experience at the start. So then you ask why in god’s name would I want to take a cold shower. Let me break down some benefits that taking cold showers can do for you.

  1. Improves your skin

Now just from common sense, taking a hot shower will dry your skin out which obviously isn’t the best. However when I did start taking cold showers, at times I would notice my skin would be dry after coming out. So I am on the fence on this benefit, but obviously taking a cold shower improves circulation which makes sense on why it would improve your skin.

Moving on

  1. Improved circulation

When your body experiences cold, the human body’s natural system tends to direct blood towards your organs in order to keep them warm.

  1. Develops Discipline

Nobody wants to take a cold shower, let alone right when you wake up. It’s a great way to start your day. Are you tired of being a lazy bum who does nothing all day, take a cold shower.

Habits build over time, and if you’re constantly training yourself to do something that is unpleasant, that spills over to other aspects of your life that are not as tough. Going to the gym seems easier when you already conquered the beast of taking a cold shower that day.

  1. Relieves Depression

Now this one I can definitely attest to. Back in 2014 I was dealing with some things and I remember two days in particular where I was feeling really depressed having thoughts that were not healthy.

So what did I do?

I took a cold shower for 20 minutes.

It’s not a super magical pill which relieves you of all symptoms but I definitely did feel a tad bit better.

Whenever I felt sad, or down sometimes I would just take a cold shower and it would give me this boost of energy, almost giving me new life. So for the people out there going through depression, I’m not saying cold showers are the answer but it helps so try it out.

Improves your immune system

I started taking cold showers in 2014, and I get sick once a year max. Sometimes I feel something coming on, and it just goes away after 2 days. Obviously cold showers don’t boost up your immune system to the point of invincibility. However a study from England did show that taking cold showers regularly boosted the amount of disease fighting white blood cells.

If you want a strong immune system then a combination of cold showers, working out, and eating healthy is what you need.

So here’s the challenge. Take a Cold Shower for the next 30 days every time you wake up. Set a timer for 5 minutes, just think about it. How short is 5 minutes, plus you’re not wasting 20 minutes in the shower, you feel better, and you come out feeling like a beast after.