What If?

What if I was 6’3, or 6’4. Then maybe I could have played University level ball, and then eventually played overseas. What if I was better looking? Then maybe more attractive girls would come after me. What if I was smarter? Then maybe I could have gone to Harvard or MIT. Who doesn’t have these thoughts? But when you’re thinking these thoughts, they’re just pitiful excuses for how unsatisfied you are with life. If you had a great life you wouldn’t have these thoughts. No successful person spends their time worrying about What if’s, they have an action mindset. Always planning what’s next.

We all realistically would prefer to be better in some physical or mental aspect. But the fact is that we all unique in our own way with our own strengths and weaknesses. One of the hardest things to do is to stop comparing ourselves to others, and truly accept ourselves for what we are. You have the media constantly bombarding you with the 14 year old kid who graduated from Harvard, or the 17 year old kid who just won the PGA championship.

Are you going to keep wallowing in your own despair over there or are you going to do something about it. I don’t mean take steroids, or get plastic surgery. I mean accepting yourself and leveraging your strengths to achieve your maximum potential. No if you train for the rest of your life you’re not going to be faster than Usain Bolt, or a better actress than say Angelina Jolie. But what you can be successful in only you know.

If you don’t know. Then go find out. That’s the joy of life, there are so many things out there to do, that really in our lifetime we can live vastly different lives every five to ten years.

Starting is the hardest part.

Action and emotion are intertwined. If you feel like shit you’re not going to want to do anything. However on the other hand if you feel like shit, and you start doing something your emotions begin to change. Our mind thinks about the future from our current emotional perspective. So if you’re feeling like a 4/10 emotionally your mind thinks you’re going to feel like a 4/10 at the movies, or the club, or going out for dinner. But the truth is once you actually go out, you’re hanging out with friends, enjoying yourself, it’s way better than you imagined. Don’t you always hear the phrase “I’m glad I came out tonight”. The key is to just start, I remember a couple weeks back I wasn’t feeling up to par, and I had the decision between going to work out something I had committed to, or going to play basketball with my friends. I chose basketball because at the end of the day my happiness comes first, and it honestly did help a lot. Yes I know I missed one work out day in two months, but sometimes you have to take a step back. When I came back from basketball I was freshly motivated and was more productive.

Stop thinking about the What if’s, and start thinking about the What I Can Do’s.