Another setback

I have been fortunate not to have a single injury for the past two years or so which I am immensely thankful. After a slew of injuries in high school and the first two years of University I thought that it would never end. Due to injuries causing overcompensation, muscles never fully recovering, and the mental barrier you have to overcome every time you have to start the rehab process all over again.

However yesterday I suffered a knee injury while playing basketball. My knee just gave in. When I woke up this morning it took me fifteen minutes to get out of bed it hurt so much. So I went to the hospital to go get it checked out. While I was there I saw a lot of people in way worse condition than I was. Even though I was in immense pain, there were people who were in critical condition. Nurses and Doctors were running around, probably on 2 hours of sleep, stressed out, but still trying to do the best job they could. In the grand scheme of things at worst I have an ACL tear and I’m out for 8-10 months. For some of these people in 8-10 months they might not even be on this earth anymore. I saw two sons I’m assuming, sitting around one of the transport beds with their mom on it. One just looked mentally drained and tired. The other was just sitting in deep thought, probably reminiscing about all the good times with his mom.

Up to that point I didn’t really have any negative thoughts on being injured, I just accepted that it was part of life and if I wanted to continue my passion of playing sports that it was inevitable. But seeing those two sons sitting there it really put everything into perspective. I just realized how small my injury paled in comparison. Never take things for granted.

People who express gratitude daily are happier.

Now obviously I definitely have the right to complain in my head, and vent out my frustration.  There’s nothing wrong with that, the pain I felt when the Doctor with no regard for knee injuries tried to straighten my leg was unbearable. I’m still kind of angry he didn’t proceed with care, just assuming it was a soft injury. If it was a soft injury I would still be on the court, come on Doc!

Life goes on..

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how people complain about other people being rude. Yet we judge people based on their actions and not their intent. We never truly know what’s going on in someone’s life. That Lady who might have seemed a little bit rude could have just lost her husband to cancer. That guy who was in a rush might have been going to see his kid at the hospital. In the end you are in control of your emotions. You can choose not to be affected by negative energy, instead choosing to rise above it. Give people the benefit of doubt.

If you constantly have problems in your life, then you’re probably the problem.

“Every challenge is an opportunity for me to rise.”

All I know is I’ll be back on the court sooner than later.

A lot of more Millennial Stories are in the works, so stay tuned for them!